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Centralize & Simplify Email Signature Management

Welcome to SIGNandGO, the ultimate solution for efficient email signature management. Our cutting-edge software is designed to simplify the process of creating, updating, and maintaining professional email signatures for your entire organization.








Harness the Full Potential of Your Email Signatures


At SIGNandGO, we believe that every interaction matters. That’s why we have developed a powerful email signature management solution that is designed to elevate your brand, streamline your communication, and make a lasting impression on your clients and colleagues. With SIGNandGO, you have the ability to create professional and visually appealing email signatures that reflect your unique brand identity. 

Don’t worry about the design! You can choose from our amazing signature templates to lift off or use them as your inspiration.

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

At SIGNandGO, we take pride in being trusted among industry leaders. Join the group of business titans who have
realized the worth and effectiveness of our product.

Departmental Superpowers Unleashed

Unlock the hidden superpowers of each department with SIGNandGO

It Gets Grooving with Your Tech

We understand the importance of compatibility and integration with the technologies you already rely on. Our email signature management solution works seamlessly with a range of popular platforms, including Office 365, G Suite, Exchange, and supported with on-premises and hybrid solution options.

With our fast and straightforward integration process, you can have SIGNandGO up and running in no time. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth setup, allowing you to start managing your email signatures efficiently without any hassle.

Experience the perfect harmony as SIGNandGO seamlessly integrates with your technology stack, transforming your digital communication into a symphony of efficiency.

Your Data is Protected

100% Secure: Protect your email signatures with advanced encryption.

Microsoft Gold Partner: Trusted partnership with Microsoft for enhanced security and reliability.

ISO 27001 Certified: Industry-recognized certification ensuring robust information security practices.

GDPR Compliant: Full compliance with stringent data protection regulations.

Data Protection Guarantee: Your valuable information is safeguarded with the highest level of security measures.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust SIGNandGO for their email signature management needs.

Experience the confidence of choosing a trusted solution.

SIGNandGO has been an absolute game-changer for us when it comes to managing our email signatures. With its functional structure, we can easily customize signatures based on department, branch, and even country-specific requirements. Thank you SIGNandGO team for providing such a convenient and reliable solution.

Ulvi Görgülü,
Hafız Mustafa

SIGNandGO is the perfect fit for our organization. The setup process was swift and dynamic, ensuring a seamless integration into our workflow. We’ve experienced firsthand the practicality and effectiveness of harnessing the advertising and marketing power within our emails.

Hakan Algan,

Their exceptional support and innovative software have solved our email signature updating challenges. We now have complete control over our signatures, ensuring consistency and professionalism across our organization. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features have made the process effortless and saved us valuable time.

Ferit Topaloglu,

Pricing Made Simple

Discover the transparency and simplicity of SIGNandGO’s pricing model. We believe in providing you with complete visibility and peace of mind, which is why there are no hidden costs or unexpected fees. With our straightforward and competitive pricing structure, you gain access to all the powerful features our product has to offer! We understand the significance of effective budgeting and delivering exceptional value, making our pricing approach fair and inclusive. Focus on optimizing your email communications without any worries or surprises, as we provide you with a seamless and affordable experience.

Are You Ready to Maximize Your Email Experience?

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