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Why Settle for
Signature Struggles?

Let SIGNandGO Be Your Solution.







We all know the frustration of dealing with email signature challenges on a daily basis. From inconsistent formatting to manual updates and department-specific requirements, it can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. But fear not, because SIGNandGO is here to revolutionize your email signature management experience.

Did you ever complain about any of these situations?

I can not keep up with the updates on the signature for each employee! – IT

I don’t know if we have the right information on everyone’s email signatures! – HR

My signatures do not appear properly when sent on mobile! – Sales

Don't worry, we have the cure!

Organizations that don’t use any signature management software have smilar complaints as you do

  • Deploy in 30 minutes

  • Flexibility to use variety of e-mail signatures

  • Streamlined collaboration with other departments

  • Ensured consistency and branding across all email signatures

  • User-friendly interface requiring no extensive technical knowledge

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Support for all mobile and desktop platforms

For IT Departments

  • Centralized management for the entire organization

  • Time and effort savings through automation of signature creation and updates

  • Seamless integration with popular email platforms

  • Dedicated customer support and regular updates

  • Compliance and security with control over signature content

For Marketing Departments

  • Maintain a cohesive brand image across all email signatures

  • Automate the process of creating and updating email signatures

  • Include marketing banners and campaigns in email signatures

  • Track your signature ad campaign via Google Analytics

  • Customize signatures for specific marketing initiatives

  • Drive traffic to social media channels and marketing campaigns

  • Collaborate with other departments to align marketing messaging in signatures

  • Choose from many signature templates


For HR Departments

  • Easily create and manage consistent email signatures for new hires

  • Update employee information, such as job titles, contact details, and department changes

  • Ensure compliance with company policies, legal regulations, and privacy standards

  • Reinforce the organization’s values through consistent email signatures

  • Use email signatures to promote employee initiatives, recognition programs, and company events

  • Ensure consistent and clear messaging across all HR communications

For Sales Departments

  • Boost credibility and trust with a professional and with consistent brand image

  • Promote marketing campaigns, product launches, and social media channels through email signatures

  • Highlight special offers, discounts, or upcoming events

  • gain insights into customer interactions for more targeted and effective sales strategies

  • Customize signatures with individual salesperson’s contact details, photos, and personal messaging for a personalized touch

  • Automate signature updates, ensuring sales teams have accurate and up-to-date information without manual efforts

For Internal Communication

  • Maintain consistent messaging and branding across all internal communications

  • Control email signature content to align with internal communication policies

  • Utilize email signatures to promote internal initiatives, events, and recognition programs

  • Manage email signatures for the entire organization from a single platform

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

At SIGNandGO, we take pride in being trusted among industry leaders. Our reputation is built on delivering exceptional email signature management solutions that meet the high standards of top professionals in various fields. From renowned IT companies to prominent marketing agencies, HR departments of multinational corporations to sales teams driving revenue growth, our clients trust us to provide them with the tools they need to streamline their email communication. Join the group of business titans who have realized the worth and effectiveness of our product.

100% Trusted: Trusted by industry leaders for reliable signature management.


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