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Favorite features from real-life scenarios, let's discover more you can do with SIGNandGO. 

Personalize experience with multiple designs

Different needs require creative solutions. E-mails sent within an organization often need less information than outside. SIGNandGO provides e-mail signature sets that can be automatically chosen by conditions like internal or external recipients.

Get more attractive with GIFs and banners

Attractive signature designs capture more attention. More attention turns into employer branding or leads depending on recipients. GIFs can be used with SIGNandGO for more interactive and dynamic e-mail communications.


Reach more Audience

More Reply

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Boost sales with clearer communication

Brand visibility​

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Amplify brand impact with every email

Traffic (clicks, leads)​

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Increase clicks and leads via emails

More meaningful Special Occasions

Anniversaries, awards and expositions have more space to showcase without any additional effort. Schedule various e-mail signature designs for important days to create more impact.

Multilingual E-mail signatures

Reach local and global customers with native content. Single or multiple e-mail designs can be used at the same time according to user choice along with multilingual e-mail signatures to express consistent corporate identity.

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